Sweet Surrender

by Lauren Housley

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“Effortlessly classy soulful blues from God’s country… ‘Face The World Alone’ is the type of song that music fans dream of stumbling on….‘Sweet Surrender’ (album) by Lauren Housley is outstanding…” No Depression, 29/06/15

“Sometimes there comes along a talent that’s just too big to ignore. In this instance the talent belongs to Manchester based singer/songwriter Lauren Housley whose debut album, Sweet Surrender, is simply a rich, satin coated chocolate for the ears. PR Rating: ***** Superb“ Chris High, Purple Revolver, 21/07/15

Housley, born in Rotherham in South Yorkshire and now part of the thriving Manchester music scene, will release ‘Sweet Surrender’ on Big Bad Recordings on August 28, 2015. It’s full of infectious, feelgood uptempo numbers and stirring, soul-deep ballads, all composed by Lauren with songwriting partner Thomas Dibb.

The songs conjure memories of her forerunners among strong, empowered female artists as Janis Joplin, Eva Cassidy and Lauryn Hill, but with a distinct 21st century twist. The album confirms the arrival of a vocal and songwriting presence with tinges of blues, Americana-style country, old-school soul, pop and rock in her locker, but a warm, intense and engaging style that’s all her own.

The album follows the promise of her ‘Rather Be There’ single and the earlier ‘One Step Closer’ EP. To name just two highlights from ‘Sweet Surrender,’ the slow-burning intensity of the ballad ‘Show Me What Love Is’ turns heads every time she sings it, while the upcoming single ‘Ghost Town Blues’ moves stylishly among its soul influences from Massive Attack to Motown. And they’re just a taste.

‘Sweet Surrender’ was recorded in various sessions in Ireland, and in Wallasey, on Merseyside, overseen by producer Mark Lewis. Contributors include some of the best up-and-coming young musicians Britain has to offer, such as multi-instrumentalist and producer Steve Parry, whose extensive credits include being musical arranger on ‘The Voice.’

The versatile singer has also formed a country band, the Chorlton Country Club, as a fun side project, and is a member of the Manchester dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass collective, the Kaleidoscope Orchestra. Now she’s coming to a live venue near you, armed with a debut album that will turn heads and win hearts.


released August 28, 2015

All tracks written by LAUREN HOUSLEY and THOMAS DIBB
All tracks produced by MARK LEWIS and THOMAS DIBB
Executive Producer LAUREN HOUSLEY
All tracks Engineered and Mixed by MARK LEWIS
All tracks mastered by PETE MAHER
Assistant mixing by ADAM STOKEL on tracks 2, 3, 4 and 5 at SPIRIT STUDIO (Manchester)
Assistant engineering by MARK WAGSTAFF and GREG CHICHE on tracks 5 and 9

Lead and backing vocals on all tracks by LAUREN HOUSLEY.

‘Nice To See Ya’
CRAIG HANSON - Drums, ALAN KEARY - Bass, THOMAS DIBB- Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Resonator/Backing Vocals, SCOTT POLEY - Dobro, STEVE PARRY- Organ, Rhythm Section and Vocals Engineered by DAVE KEARY at RED DOOR STUDIO (Limerick)

‘The Waiting Game’
CRAIG HANSON - Drums, ALAN KEARY - Bass, THOMAS DIBB - Electric Guitar/Guitar Solo/Piano/Backing Vocals/Claps, JACK MCCARTHY - Congas and Percussion, Mark Lewis - Backing Vocals/Claps, STEVE PARRY - Trumpet/Sax/Trombone/Organ/Wurlitzer, Rhythm Section and Vocals Engineered by DAVE KEARY at RED DOOR STUDIO (Limerick)

‘If You Were Mine’
JOHN HIRST - Drums, ALAN KEARY- Bass, THOMAS DIBB - Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Banjo, EWAN GUILFORD - Piano, SCOTT POLEY - Pedal Steel/Acoustic Guitar/Percussion, TOM BARBER-REDMORE - Backing Vocals

‘Face The World Alone’
JOHN HIRST - Drums, MARK LEWIS - Bass/Percussion/Backing vocals/Friction Fingers, THOMAS DIBB - Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals, LIVIU GHEORGHE - Piano/Electric Piano/Prepared Piano, SCOTT POLEY - Pedal Steel

‘Ghost Town Blues’
CRAIG HANSON - Drums, MARK LEWIS - Bass/Backing Vocals/Percussion, THOMAS DIBB - Electric Guitars/Piano/Tambourine/Backing Vocals, STEVE PARRY - Organ, LAUREN HOUSLEY - Claps and Foot stomps, Ghost Town Blues Choir - TOM BARBER-REDMORE, JON KENZIE, PENNY NICHOLLS, HAYLEY WILLIAMS

‘When Autumn Came’

‘Sweet Surrender’
CLIVE MELLOR - Harmonica, JOHN HIRST - Drums, JOHN POPE - Double Bass, THOMAS DIBB - Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Piano/Backing Vocals, STEVE PARRY- Organ/Production/Engineering, SCOTT POLEY - Pedal Steel, RACHEL LASHAM - Percussion, MARK LEWIS - Backing Vocals

‘Show Me What Love Is’
STEVE PYCROFT - Drums, JOHN POPE - Double Bass, ALEX DEE - Electric Guitar, THOMAS DIBB - Acoustic Guitar/Piano/Backing Vocals/Banjo/String Arrangement, SCOTT POLEY - Pedal Steel/Electric Guitar, STEVE PARRY - Organ/Production/ Engineering, MARK LEWIS - Backing Vocals, String Quartet - Leos Strings: RACHEL SHAKESPEARE - Cello, CAROLINE PETHER- Violin 1, ROSEMARY ATTREE - Violin 2, ALEX MITCHELL - Viola

‘It Ain’t About You’
STEVE PYCROFT - Drums, JOHN POPE - Double Bass, THOMAS DIBB - Electric Guitars/Acoustic Guitar, STEVE PARRY - Wurlitzer, RACHEL LASHAM - Congas and Percussion, Backing Vocals - PENNY NICHOLLS and HAYLEY WILLIAMS

‘All You Need Is A Friend’
CRAIG HANSON - Drums, MARK LEWIS - Bass/Backing Vocals/Percussion, THOMAS DIBB - Piano/Acoustic Guitars/Backing Vocals, PHIL ROGERSON - Backing Vocals, RACHEL LASHAM - Percussion, STEVE PARRY- Organ

Album photography by SVEN ESELGROTH
Album artwork by JULIA LOWE



all rights reserved


Lauren Housley Manchester, UK

BBC Radio 2 Playlist Artist!

"As convincing as they come" Q mag

"Absolutely monumental" Robert Elms, BBC Radio London 94.9

"Sweet Surrender is an incredible album" Blues Magazine
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Track Name: Nice To See Ya

Finally now do I see
You’ve always been there for me
Telling me the things I need to hear
It’s never been about being wrong or right
Win or lose but never quit the fight
Live the life you’ve always dreamed about

Things can stand in your way
As they will if you stay
Head off now, go and see the world
Use the fear; give it all you‘ve got
Show them all it was worth a shot
You’ll only fail baby if you never try

And she said, Oh oh oh
It’s nice to see ya
You can come on over when you like
When you’re lost, when you’re broken
My door is always open
Oh oh oh it’s nice to see ya

Emotions high as I leave
Making it hard to believe
We’ve had our share of many ups and downs
Still I love you after all these years
Through the laughter through the many tears
This is home and you’re welcome anytime

To see ya’s nice
Track Name: The Waiting Game

Spent my teens roaming side streets
Avoid the hard road when I could
And in the corner of my mind I’d wait for you
But the waiting did no good

I used to think life was easy
Now I know that’s not true
The journey’s rough and oh the road is long
But the road leads to you

Followed the signs there in front of me
and tried to be patience, know I’m on my way
Will the sun shine on the other side?
or will it always look the same?
I just play the waiting game
The waiting game

Watch my dreams from the sideline
Just a stone throw away
Though I looked I never truly saw
This is my game to play

Close my eyes I need a breather
Hit a wall with all my force
Cause I know I believe in something more
You can hear it in my voice

I can feel it right in front of me
But I try to be patient; know I’m on my way
Is it brighter on the other side?
Or is it always looking grey?
I just play the waiting game, the waiting game

Try to be patient, Try to be patient
I’ve got to be patient, if I want it
Will it always look the same?
I just play the waiting game, the waiting game
Track Name: If You Were Mine

Every night that I lay with you
I wish it were more than a dream
Holding on to what could’ve been
Is breaking my heart at the seam

Well I know that I can’t walk away
If there’s a chance you could love me someday

If you were mine
I’d give you the world
Take what you want
Now cause it’s yours
I know you deserve the best I can give
If you were mine

Whenever you’re not here with me
I feel like I’m melting away
But when I’m with you baby, you make me feel
Like I’m somebody

There’s no chance I’m walking away
I pray that you’ll love me someday


I’ll come running when you call me
I will catch you when you fall
And I’ll be there to hold you in the night
forever, oh forever

Track Name: Face the World Alone

For the last twenty years
I’ve been looking out for you
But now you’re grown and ready to go
And face the world alone

For the past twenty years
I’ve seen you every single day
But now it’s time for us to say goodbye
And face the world alone
And face the world alone

In my life I have seen
The person you’ve grown up to be
And I’m proud to know that you are mine
And face the world alone
Face the world alone

You’ll be my baby, be my baby forever x 4

I knew this day had to come
Please don’t worry about me
Cause baby, baby, baby, babe
it’s you’re time to shine
And face the world alone x 4
Track Name: Ghost Town Blues

So black was the night
Not a soul to be seen under the streetlight
Heaven’s been shut, it’s closing down
So what were you thinking?
All alone in this ghost town tonight

So I said… Come on, ready when you want me
No fear, keep the karma coming
I’m here, standing on my own two feet
Just keep on looking at me
You ain’t got nothing on me

So empty was the place
With a smell of tobacco and a sour taste
Darkness fell, in the blink of an eye
So what were you doing?
All alone with the bad guy that night


I’ve been walking for days
And I’ve somehow lost the way
All I hear are little voices say
Go back (go back, go back, go back)
Go back (go back go back go back)

So heavy was the night
As the shadows creep under the moonlight
It’s only a dream, til I open my eyes
So how did I get here?
Deep in the heart of this ghost town, tonight

Track Name: When Autumn Came

I was waiting for my baby
In the cold October rain
Never did my baby show
The night the autumn came
The night when autumn came

How the strangers passed in darkness
As I waited to be claimed
But nobody showed to take me home
The night the autumn came
The night when autumn came

It’s dark and leaves are falling
Summers dead and gone
Blowing winds whisper thoughts of you
As the heartache, the heartache lingers

Stars and leaves are falling
Summers far behind
Howling winds whisper thoughts of you
That echo round my mind, like echo’s

Something deep within me
Knew I’d never be the same
You left me broken hearted
The night the autumn came
The night when autumn came
Track Name: Sweet Surrender

Changing streets and closing arms
Is this what I want my life to be?
Don’t recognize this place at all
Oh tonight there’s silence

Chasing dreams into the dark
So far to reach with walls surrounding me
Growing tired with every thought
I’ve tried to keep my silence but I must break this

You will find me by the river
With my head up to the sky
Come and heed my sweet surrender
Now I hold my head up, hold it high

Confusing night time with the day
No sense of time all hours look the same
Colours fading into grey
What on earth has happened, got to end this


Oh no I won’t be afraid, you’re here with me
and now the truth has set, set me free, I am free

Track Name: Show Me What Love Is

Days are getting harder
Mornings are the worst
I wish you would find me
Without you it hurts

Hours last a lifetime
Years go by so fast
Seen you in my future
Forgetting the past

And he will be loving and kind
He’ll fix what’s been broken, he will try
and show me what love is
Show me what love is

What love is, what love is

Living life without you
Nothing seems to feel right
Cause I know that you’re out there
Come and hold me tonight, tonight


What love is, he will show me
what love is, be there for me

he will be loving
and kind
fix what’s been broken, he will try
he will be patient, by my side
and show me what love is x 4
Track Name: It Ain't About You

“I’ll be back in an hour”, you said to me
You roll in after 7
and I could smell what you’d been drinking
“When’s daddy gonna be back?”
“he shouldn’t be too long”
The words came out of my mouth well
but they could tell what I was thinking

You should’ve kept yourself inside
so we could’ve tried to talk it right
Here we go with another fight,
tear each other up through the night

it aint about you
it aint about me
it’s about what’s gonna be best
It’s about what’s gonna be best

You’ve been out and about
Every single night
Now I’ve got a few questions,
Since I heard about you flirting
Have you forgotten we’re here?
Or did you need some space?
You may say I’m possessive
but it ain’t just me you’re hurting

Track Name: All You Need Is a Friend

Years and years of waiting for something
No time for resting when all you do is sleep
Plenty of chance for a decent conversation
But you’re talking to yourself not the company you keep

Round and round in circles, barely conscious
Rolling with the flow of a never ending tale
Tears and fears are taking up your time when
All that they’ll achieve is the guarantee to fail

Sometimes all you need is a friend
Who will love you and care for you,
be there for you til the end
They will know when you’re lost,
never judge what you do
When you’re out in the cold
they’ll be searching for you
Sometimes all you need is a friend

It grows and grows a feeling you’re the only
Person in the world who’s lost their every hope
Shows and shows and the days are feeling lonely
Watch out ahead it can be a slippy slope